5 Remarkable Health Benefits of Veganism

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5 Remarkable Health Benefits of Veganism
A vegan diet and lifestyle is not only about the compassion towards animal rights. It also about health issues, spiritual and moral values.
 A nutritious, vegan diet has health benefits and prevents many common diseases. Such as; Prostate and Colon Cancer, Type 2 diabetes, Stroke, Obesity and heart diseases.

Why Go Vegan?

A lot of people see animal products as contaminated. This results to health complications upon consumption. They tend to see a crystal clear health improvement once they adopt the vegan lifestyle.

Some folks imply that eating animal products comes with eating negative feelings. They say animals suffered because of the horrifying excruciating death.


They also point out that the growth hormones used in animals direct transfer to the human bodies. This happens upon consumption of the animal products. These growth hormones do more harm than good in human bodies.

Crop production has a lower negative impact as compared to livestock production. In cases of environmental conservation of water, land and gas emission. A Vegan diet decreases the destruction of the rain forests and wildlife habitat.

Rain forests are a source of food, medicine, absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They help in standardizing the universal climatic conditions and the water cycle.

Benefits of Veganism

1. Protection Against Certain Cancers

World Health Organization say that a third of cancers result from diets. This means that you could reduce the risk of these cancers by changing your diet. The vegan diet happens to be the best option.

Regular intake of legumes is great. It has a 9-18% chances of cutting the risk of developing colorectal cancer. Daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables give a 15% chance of reducing the danger of dying from cancer.

Whole grains, legumes, fresh fruits, and vegetables, have so many nutrients. These nutrients are protective to the body cells. Studies show soy products lower the risk of developing breast cancer in a huge way. 

This is because some hormones in meat have a direct transfer to human bodies. And because soy does not contain these hormones it is the best option in most cases.

Smoked, processed meats and high temperature prepared animal products are not good. They may contribute to developing cancers. Dairy products are also associated with increased dangers of prostate cancer development.

Even though there are other factors to put into consideration. You cannot get rid of all the risks of developing any type of can. Even so, by choosing a vegan diet, you can cut down the risk of developing or dying from some cancers.

2. Manages Obesity

Obesity is a complex health condition. It comes about when a person carries excess weight or body fat that might affect their health.

Animal products contain higher levels of fats. These fats convert into higher levels of calories. Obese people get on calorie-restricted diets that reduce their food portions. This weight loss method makes them to starve. 

Starvation or caloric intake reduction for weight loss purposes are not healthy options. This is because they may lead to conditions like anorexia.

But vegans get to enjoy more foods plant-based foods without restrictions. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts contain very low amounts of healthy fats.

3. Lower Risks of Heart Disease

Heart disease refers to conditions that involve narrowed or blocked blood vessels. This can lead to a cardiac arrest, stroke or chest pains.

Studies show that vegans have a 42% decreased risk of dying from heart disease. And 75% risk of getting high blood pressure. People who eat large amounts of meat use more saturated fats. This puts them at risk of increasing the blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Which as a result affects how the heart functioning.

Legumes, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and fiber foods are good. They contain defensive elements that fight against heart disease. Eating them in plenty lowers the risks of heart disease.

4. Cuts the Risk of Kidney Failure

Kidney failure means the kidneys cannot filter waste products from the blood. This condition is detrimental in that a person has to undergo dialysis for survival.

High meat consumption does more harm than good to the body. Vegan diet improves kidney function and helps curb Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes where your body does not use insulin as it should.

Vegan foods lower the blood sugar levels and high insulin sensitivity up to 50-78%. This lowers the chance of developing Type 2 diabetes. 

Plant proteins are somehow weaker for muscles and body tissues. But they are healthier by and large for all organs. They boost liver and kidneys production levels.

5. Lowers Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is the swelling of one or more of your body joints. The main symptoms are joint pain and inflexibility, which gets worse with old age. The swelling is as a result of a high intake of animal products.

The plant-based diet has proven to be effective on arthritis patients. It provides large amounts of fiber, vitamin C and E. The Vegan diet stimulates a lot of natural antibodies. They consist of anti-inflammatory and athero-protective effects.

Studies show that an amalgamation of gluten-free and vegan diet is very hopeful. It improves the health of people with rheumatoid arthritis.

Is veganism ideal for you?

Choosing the right diet to follow can be tricky. Going vegan is more of two-way traffic. Not only does the diet lower chances of getting various diseases and prolonging life. It also fights for the freedom of domesticated animals worldwide.

Veganism is a progressive growth. More people are acknowledging and getting comfortable with the vegan lifestyle. Make sure to have proper balanced diets. It must contain proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals on plant-based products.

Some people are able to convert to veganism straight away. For others that change requires more time and effort. The good thing there's no proper way to do it. Make sure to choose the path that works best for you.


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